Frequently Asked Questions about KTS YouTube Uploader
1. What is KTS YouTube Uploader?

Ans: KTS YouTube Uploader is windows based software application to split video files and upload it to you tube from same application itself.

2. What is its advantage compared to the uploading option YouTube is providing in their web site?.

Ans: Uploading videos to you tube is only a 3 steps process in KTS YouTube Uploader (that is Login , add videos and click upload) , where as it will involve several steps form the YouTube web site. This tool also has the added advantage that you can split large videos of any duration and upload it in one go.

3.Can I export/import uploaded video list form KTS YouTube Uploader for future use?

Ans: Yes you can. Right click on New Project button, there you can see the two export and import menu.

 4. I created a new G Mail/YouTube account. Is there any limit google is imposing on the YouTube upload limit initially?.
Ans: Yes YouTube is imposing initially 10 to 15 minutes Video duration limit . YouTube will automatically withdraw this limit once your credentials are verified (or other policies that YouTube determines from time to time). Because of this reason we put the default video split duration in KTS YouTube Uploader as 10 minutes.  

5.Can I upload my VCD and DVD to YouTube?.

Ans: Yes you can Split your Videos (if needed) and upload it to YouTube, provided you should own the required Copy rights.

6. I started uploading videos, can I stop and upload it at any other point of time.

Ans: Yes you can stop and resume upload videos at any other point of time.

7. When I try to login and upload videos , I am getting a forbidden (402) error . How can can i overcome this problem?

Ans: Please make sure that you created a YouTube channel form your YouTube web control panel settings page. Please watch the Part 1 of the video here.

8. When I launch YouTube Uploader, almost all the windows including buttons are disabled why?

Ans: Your trial period might have expired and you need to purchase KTS YouTube Uplaoder.

9. What is the limitations of the trial version of the software ?.

Ans: Trial version of the software is fully functional except that it will run only for 7 days after that all its functionalists will get disabled. You Need to  purchase/register the software so as to make it fully functional after the trial period.